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We have helped thousands of patients improve their overall health and quality of life through weight loss surgery in Mexico. As a result, they have provided us with bariatric surgery reviews and heartwarming testimonials about their experiences at our hospital. 

Craig and Tekia Hawk: Weight loss surgery testimonial
Medical Tourism Mexico - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Bariatric Surgery Reviews - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Judy and Dave: Weight loss Surgery Testimonial

Mike A. Surgery Date: April 2016

Weight loss surgery has done so many things to help me. Before the surgery, I weighed over 400 pounds. I had no confidence, I didn’t like going out in public and felt constantly depressed. Two years after my gastric bypass surgery I feel completely different. I have a lot more energy, I feel happy and I have a completely different view about my life and future. Dr. Gonzales completely changed my life. I have lost 180 pounds and I still have a couple of more pounds to lose. My decision to have bariatric surgery was the best choice I could have possibly made. 

Original Weight: 408 pounds 
Current Weight: 207 Pounds

Tekia H. Surgery Date: January 2016

"I want to thank Dr. Francisco Gonzales and express my eternal gratitude to the staff at Vision Bariatrics for their amazing work. Thanks to Dr. Gonzales’ surgical skill as well as his entire program, my life has changed dramatically! I started researching bariatric surgery about a year before I went under the knife, I think I spoke to around 30 weight loss centers in Mexico and in the U.S and finally decided that Vision Bariatrics was the perfect fit. Despite the fact that my family was not convinced of me going to Tijuana for surgery, once I spoke to a couple of former patients I was convinced that I had made the right choice. My husband and I stayed at the hospital during my entire trip and the medical staff helped us 24/7. Mostly everybody spoke English so it was easy to communicate.  I have lost 130 pounds since my gastric sleeve was performed and I could not be happier. I’m starting to live my life more normally and I Love it."

Original Weight: 290 pounds 
Current Weight: 160 Pounds

Jenna M. Surgery Date: December 2017

Dr. Gonzales and the staff at Vision Bariatrics made me feel very comfortable and important during my stay at the hospital. From Dr. G’s bedside manner to the cleanliness of the facilities, my experience was really good. I have lost about 85 pounds and I feel amazing. I am at my weight goal right now and losing more pounds every day.

Original Weight: 280 pounds
Current Weight: 195 Pounds

Judy W. Surgery Date: January 2018

"I had my Sleeve Gastrectomy done in January of 2018. I was astounded at how fast I recovered from the surgery. I am even more amazed at how fast I started losing weight. I feel great and have had no medical issues since my discharge from Vision Bariatrics. I’ve lost around 40 pounds in 6 months since the surgery and I feel great. My knees stopped hurting, I feel good after eating and I have a lot more energy. My kids are happy that I’m much more active and for once I feel like life is good !! Thanks Dr. Gonzales" 

Original Weight: 230 pounds 
Current Weight: 190 Pounds

Diane A. Surgery Date: March 2018

"I think Dr. Gonzales is an amazing surgeon. I was really nervous when I arrived at the hospital surgery and he really made me feel comfortable before surgery. The best part is when I have problems, I call the hospital and Karen returns my calls. Everyone at Vision Bariatrics is really professional !!"

Original Weight: 253 pounds
Current Weight: 208 Pounds

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