Revision Weight Loss Surgery for Gastric Band Slippage By Gaston Tessada on April 11, 2019

Illustration of gastric band placementBariatric surgery can help obese patients lose excess weight that may be compromising their health and keeping them from enjoying an active lifestyle. It takes a big financial, emotional, and physical commitment to undergo weight loss surgery, so it can be especially frustrating when patients don’t achieve the surgical results they desire.

When an initial weight loss surgery is unsuccessful, patients should consider revision weight loss surgery with Dr. Francisco Gonzalez. Revision weight loss surgery offers patients a second chance to take control of their weight and improve their health.

One of the most common reasons for revision surgery is gastric band slippage. It is estimated that about a third of gastric band patients eventually require revision surgery due to a loose or slipped band. Revision weight loss surgery for gastric band slippageat our Tijuanabariatric center eliminates complications from a slipped band and gives patients the chance to achieve their weight loss goals.

Signs of Gastric Band Slippage

A gastric band is an inflatable silicone ring that is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. This band squeezes the stomach, creating a shape that is similar to an hourglass. The gastric band is intended to give patients a full feeling after eating just a small amount of food.

Unfortunately, time has shown that a significant number of gastric band patients later deal with complications from band slippage. A band slip does not actually describe movement of the lap band itself. Instead, stomach from below the lab band “slips” up and through the band. This creates even more of a narrow opening for the stomach, which can cause of a number of uncomfortable symptoms.

Potential signs of lab band slippage include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain when eating
  • Severe heartburn
  • Chest pain

Gastric band patients who have experienced any of the above symptoms should schedule an evaluation as soon as possible to determine if they require revision surgery.

Revision Surgery Options

When a patient is suffering from lap band slippage, the best option is to remove the lap band altogether. To allow patients to continue to lose weight, Dr. Gonzalez will revise the band procedure into either a gastric sleeve or a gastric bypass.

If patients undergo gastric sleeve surgery, a large portion of the stomach will be removed. After tissues are removed, remaining portions of the stomach will be joined together to create a slimmer stomach that resembles a sleeve or a banana. Gastric sleeve surgery significantly reduces the size of the stomach so that patients feel full faster and are able to lose weight.

If patients undergo gastric bypass surgery, the stomach will be resized and the digestive tract will be altered. During this procedure, the stomach is divided into two section. Dr. Gonzales will create a small upper stomach that will hold the patient’s food.

He will then connect the small intestines to this pouch so that food travels directly to the small intestines. Gastric bypass limits the amount of food it takes for a patient to feel full, and reduces the number of calories absorbed by the body.

Either gastric sleeve or gastric bypass can be successful options for patients who require revision weight loss surgery due to band slippage. Dr. Gonzalez will go over each of these procedures in further detail with revision patients, and help them choose the technique that is best for them.

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