Common Side Effects of Mini Gastric Bypass By Gaston Tessada on September 11, 2019

ScaleDr. Francisco Gonzalez is proud to offer mini gastric bypass. Mini gastric bypass alters the stomach and digestive tract to restrict the amount of food the stomach can hold and limit the number of calories absorbed. This procedure is similar to traditional gastric bypass surgery, but it utilizes smaller incisions, which makes it less invasive for patients at our Tijuana, Mexico, practice.

Mini gastric bypass is minimally invasive compared to other bariatric techniques, but patients should still be prepared for a fairly lengthy recovery. Here, patients can learn more about the mini gastric bypass side effects that they are likely to experience while they heal from their surgical procedure.


Dr. Gonzalez and our medical team use general anesthesia to keep patients safe and comfortable throughout their mini gastric bypass procedure. Unfortunately, after anesthesia has worn off, patients can expect to deal with some degree of pain or discomfort. Typically, pain is most prominent the first several days after mini gastric bypass surgery. Discomfort should significantly decrease within about a week of treatment.

To minimize pain, patients may be prescribed pain medication, though many find that over-the-counter pain medication is sufficient at keeping discomfort at bay.


Swelling, or inflammation, is the most common side effect of any surgical procedure. When the body has been wounded in any way, it focuses on healing itself. Excess blood will flow to the injury site to deliver valuable nutrients and oxygen.

In the case of surgery, incisions and surrounding tissues are likely to appear puffy and swollen. Inflammation usually reaches its peak a few days after surgery. While inflammation should dissipate within a week or two, minimal swelling may be present for several weeks. The best ways for our Tijuana patients to reduce swelling are drinking water, limiting salt intake, and using ice packs on the affected area.


Bruising is another side effect that patients are likely to experience as they recover from mini gastric bypass. The skin immediately surrounding the incision site is likely to be bruised, but discoloration may also spread across the abdomen. The degree of bruising varies for each patient, but many notice that bruises are deep purple in color during the early days of mini gastric bypass recovery. Bruises should begin to fade to a light purple or green color within about a week, and should be gone completely a couple of weeks after surgery.

Numbness of the Skin

Although our Tijuana patients are likely to experience pain or discomfort as they recover from mini gastric bypass, they are often surprised to find that the skin near their incision site actually feels numb, or tingly, like a limb that has fallen asleep. This numbness should be short-lived, and is likely the result of inflammation within the nerves of the skin. As swelling subsides, feeling should come back to the skin and surrounding tissues.

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Mini gastric bypass is likely to result in some short-term surgical side effects, but its benefits can be lifelong. If you would like to find out if mini gastric bypass surgery may be right for you, contact us at your earliest convenience, or call (619) 773-0511 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Francisco Gonzalez.

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