Gastric Bypass Scars: Aftercare and Scar Reduction By Gaston Tessada on March 28, 2020

Illustration shows six small incision points used for laparoscopic surgeryHave you struggled to lose weight? Many Americans have difficulty losing weight, even with proper diet and exercise. Gastric bypass surgery allows patients to enjoy drastic weight loss along a predictable timeline.

The expert doctors of Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, B.C. will take steps to minimize the size of your incisions so you experience minimal scarring following gastric bypass surgery. Following your procedure, you will be given recovery guidelines that provide important information on how to care for your incisions. Proper aftercare and other steps can ensure that scarring is minimal.

Where Will My Scar Be Located?

 Dr. Francisco Gonzalez performs gastric bypass surgery using minimally invasive laparoscopic tools. A laparoscope is a small fiber-optic instrument that is inserted through the abdominal wall. By using a laparoscope and other small surgical devices, patients can forgo the need for a large incision in the abdomen.

The resulting scars, including one that will be hidden in the navel, will be less than 1cm in diameter. Most patients find the appearance of the resulting scars to be cosmetically acceptable.

Caring for Your Incisions during Recovery

Although the incisions will be small, they will need to be cared for in the days and weeks following surgery. Fortunately, the small scars will heal much quicker than open surgery scars.

Changing Bandages

After your initial surgery, you will have the trained bilingual staff of Oasis of Hope Bariatric to help monitor your incisions. You should always wash your hand thoroughly before changing bandages at home. Your recovery guidelines will provide details on when to change bandages.

Cleaning Your Wound

Cleaning your wounds is important, and the process is straightforward. After washing your hands, take a clean cloth or gauze and soak it in soapy water or a mixture of salt and sterile water. Gently wipe or dab the skin that surrounds the wound.

Regularly cleaning your wound and taking antibiotics as prescribed can lower your risk of infection and complications following surgery.

Tips for Reducing the Appearance of Your Gastric Bypass Scars

A healthy recovery that is free of complications is your best bet for minimizing the appearance of your scars. In the weeks and months following your gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana, the scar tissue will begin to blend in the with color and texture of surrounding skin.

Since scar tissue does not tan like natural skin. A sunburn can darken healing scar tissue. For the first six months following surgery, try to avoid letting direct sunlight hit your scar. If you do go outside, use protective clothing and sunscreen (once your wounds have fully healed) to prevent your scars from darkening.

Certain creams and topical gels have been shown to reduce scarring. Many of these products are unproven, though, so rely on Dr. Gonzalez to recommend reliable remedies.

Schedule Your Gastric Bypass Procedure Today

Although the word “surgery” may leave you worrying about large scars, advances in laparoscopic surgery now allow for complex surgical procedures to be performed with minimal resulting scarring. If you have struggled to lose weight, our medical team is ready to discuss the benefits of bariatric surgery.

To schedule your consultation, please contact our office online or call (619) 304-7726.

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