History of Gastric Bypass Surgery By Gaston Tessada on June 06, 2020

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If you have had a lifelong struggle with obesity, you can find hope in gastric bypass surgery. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach and changes the way the body absorbs nutrients, resulting in quick, dramatic weight loss. Gastric bypass can jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, giving patients the chance for long-term, permanent results.

Dr. Francisco Gonzales performs gastric bypass surgery at Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, MX. In this article, our team will explore a brief history of gastric bypass surgery and explain how the procedure has evolved into the advanced treatment option it is today.

The Initial Purpose of Dr. Roux’s Surgery

Although people have been practicing medicine for centuries, the history of weight loss surgery is comparatively recent. In 1892, Swiss surgeon Dr. Cesar Roux performed the first gastric bypass. This procedure, however, was not intended for weight loss, but to treat patients who had gastrointestinal obstructions.

At first, this procedure seemed successful. However, by 1911, Dr. Roux discontinued this surgical method due to high mortality rates and peptic ulcerations.

The First Surgery for Weight Loss

In the following decades, morbid obesity became a more pressing health concern for many patients. In an effort to help these individuals, the medical community researched and developed surgical techniques designed to help these patients regain their mobility and overall quality of life.

The first bariatric procedure intended for weight loss was performed by Dr. A.J. Kremen in 1954. During this procedure, the patient’s upper and lower intestine were connected. As a result, the area where the most calories were absorbed was “bypassed.” Unfortunately, this surgery resulted in serious malabsorption side effects.

1963 Surgical Adaptations

Later on, in 1963, Drs. Common, DeWind, and Payne added a new technique to the method used by Kremen. They added a jejunocolic shunt, which connected the upper small intestine to the colon. This approach was an improvement on Kremen’s earlier version, but also led to undesirable side effects, including uncontrollable diarrhea.

1967: The Roux-en-Y

Doctors continued to research and find ways to improve the procedure. Early in the 1960s, Drs. Chikashi Ito and Edward Mason determined that individuals who had undergone partial gastrectomy had difficulty gaining weight. This gave them the idea to revive the original bypass performed by Roux, making some important adjustments.

Using surgical staples, the surgeons reduced the size of the stomach and bypassed a portion of the small intestine. Technically, the procedure they performed was a mini-gastric bypass. But at the time, it was called an intestinal bypass. Since 1967, methods have continued to improve. The procedure eventually evolved into the Roux-en-Y, and is now considered one of the most successful weight loss procedures available at our Tijuana, MX, practice.

Learn More about Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you have struggled with obesity for most of your life, weight loss surgery can be a viable option. Our team at Oasis of Hope is dedicated to helping patients lose weight and adopt a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. To learn more about the Roux-en-Y procedure, or any of the other treatments available at our Tijuana, MX, practice, contact us online or call us at (619) 690-8417.

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