What to Expect after Bariatric Surgery: A Weight Loss Timeline By Gaston Tessada on February 07, 2021

a woman before and after weight lossA bariatric surgeon offers hope to individuals who are struggling to lose weight through weight-loss surgeries including gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery.  

It is normal for patients to feel eager to lose weight after bariatric surgery, but it’s important to have realistic expectations and understand that weight loss can take time. Keeping this in mind, the surgeons of Oasis of Hope Bariatrics would like to take a closer look at a general bariatric surgery weight loss timeline patients at their Tijuana, Mexico, practice can expect. 

How Soon Will I See Results?

Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix or a way to instantly lose weight. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery must be ready to commit to making dietary and lifestyle changes as they gain mobility with the understanding that weight loss takes time, and that results will happen. 

Although weight loss after bariatric surgery takes time, patients can expect to see significant results within the first year following their procedure. 

One to Three Months after Surgery

Immediately following bariatric surgery, patients are required to eat a liquid diet while the stomach heals. Soft, pureed foods can gradually be added until solid foods are doctor approved and well tolerated by the stomach. 

During this time, light exercise, such as walking, should be added into a daily routine, even if it’s just a few minutes at first. 

As a result of the drastic change in diet, patients may begin to notice some weight loss within the first three months of surgery, at about one to two pounds a week. 

Six Months after Surgery 

By six months, patients should have lost a significant amount of weight. The type of bariatric surgery combined with patient commitment to their new lifestyle can affect the amount of weight lost. Those who stick to a healthy diet of appropriate sized portions and incorporate exercise into their day tend to see better weight loss results. 

With that said, it’s not uncommon for our Tijuana patients who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery to lose 25 pounds or more after six months. Patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery often lose even more.

One Year and Beyond

Patients should expect to lose a significant amount of weight by 12 months after surgery. Depending on the patient’s starting weight, some will meet or be very close to their weight loss goal at this point. 

Patients who plateau by 12 months after surgery may need to take a look at their diet and whether they are eating oversized portions or too many unhealthy foods, as this may cause weight loss to slow. 

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is essential for maintaining weight loss results after surgery. Those who commit to eating a healthy diet with sensible portions and add exercise to their daily routine often lose more weight and keep the weight off well after their bariatric surgery. 

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