Understanding the Causes of Obesity By Gaston Tessada on March 13, 2021

An obese man getting his blood pressure takenMany people struggle with obesity for complex reasons. Understanding the causes of obesity can help people make the necessary changes to achieve their weight loss goals. Combining education with bariatric surgery can provide the best chances of successfully losing weight and keeping it off.

At Oasis of Hope Bariatrics, our bariatric surgeons can help give you the tools you need to overcome obesity and improve your health. Our Tijuana, Mexico, facilities combine education on the causes of obesity with bariatric surgery, which helps support our patients’ weight loss journeys.


People who stick to healthy diets of whole foods (like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains) often have a healthier weight than those who frequently indulge in fried, salty, sweet, and high-fat foods. These unhealthy foods may include French fries, cakes, ice cream, and sodas and other sugary drinks.

Foods low in added sugars, saturated fats, and high in fiber are important to a healthy diet. These foods are often more nutritious, and the fiber content helps people feel fuller longer, which prevents overeating.

Foods that are high in starches, sugars, and saturated fats (like a lot of fast food and heavily processed foods) are generally higher in calories but are not as nutritious and are low in fiber. This can act like a double-edged sword, enticing people to eat more since they do not feel fully satiated.

Portions and Calorie Consumption

The types of foods you consume aren’t the only factor that affects your weight. The amount of food consumed throughout the day is also an important consideration.

Generally, people gain weight when they consume more calories than they burn throughout the day. Even a healthy diet of whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables can lead to weight gain if a person consumes a lot of this food. Portion control is important, whether eating healthy or having food that is considered unhealthy.

The typical restaurant portion in the United States is often enough to serve two to three adults. A healthy portion of pasta is about half a cup, or about the size of half a baseball. A healthy portion of meat or fish is about the size of a deck of playing cards. A healthy portion size can vary depending on your nutritional needs and activity level, but keep those sample portions in mind the next time you order takeout or prepare a meal at home.

Physical Activity

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to struggle with their weight since they are not burning any of the calories they’ve consumed.

Exercising regularly combined with healthy eating is a great way to maintain a healthy weight. Starting with short walks or other low-impact activities to stay active. Consider some strength training as well. Over time, gradually increase your activity level to build stamina for weight loss, and to help lower your blood pressure.

Genetics and Family History

Family history often plays a role in health and wellness. Genetics can determine your metabolism, which includes how quickly you burn calories and how fat is stored. This doesn’t mean that some people are destined to be overweight, but it does mean that some people will have to work harder to control their weight through choosing healthy foods, monitoring their portions, and staying active.

That said, many people who are obese come from families where relatives are typically overweight.

How Bariatric Surgery Can Help

Many patients reach out to our Tijuana surgeons with stories about their weight loss struggles. If you’re unable to lose weight through lifestyle changes alone, we can help. After undergoing bariatric surgery, we can discuss how to adjust your dietary needs and level of physical activity to help lose weight and keep it off.

Learn About Your Treatment Options

If you have been struggling with obesity and are ready to make a change in your life, our Tijuana bariatric surgeons can help. We welcome you to call (619) 690-8417 or schedule a consultation online.

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