Bariatric Surgery vs. Diet and Exercise By Gaston Tessada on June 16, 2021

People exercising for weight lossWeight is something that many people struggle with. As excess pounds accumulate, they become more difficult to lose, even when a strict diet and exercise program is followed. For those who are medically obese, bariatric surgery may offer the best chance of success. 

At Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, patients can work with bariatric surgeons who have extensive knowledge and experience regarding various weight loss surgery techniques. Individuals who are contemplating weight loss through diet and exercise vs. bariatric surgery should consider the potential pros and cons of each so that they can determine which path is right for them.

Diet and Exercise: The Pros and Cons

A healthy diet and exercise plan offers numerous benefits, whether someone is trying to lose weight or not. A nutritious, well-balanced diet provides vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy body functions, improve energy levels, and assist in the prevention of many illnesses and diseases. Physical activity is also beneficial; it elevates the mood, promotes cardiovascular functions, and assists with weight maintenance. In regards to weight loss goals, diet and exercise offer these additional pros:

  • Diet and exercise carries no risk of surgical complications
  • Diet and exercise does not physically alter the body
  • Diet and exercise does not carry the cost of weight loss surgery

While it is a good idea for all people to strive for regular physical activity and a nutritious diet, diet and exercise alone do not always prove to be a successful path to weight loss, especially when someone has a significant amount of weight to lose. Potential cons of diet and exercise for weight loss include:

  • Limited weight loss results
  • Lower rates of long-term success
  • Weight loss results take longer
  • Long-term results require willpower and discipline

Bariatric Surgery: The Pros and Cons

Bariatric surgery alters the stomach and digestive tract to encourage weight loss. Depending on the procedure that is performed, bariatric surgery can limit the amount of food that the stomach can hold, as well as the amount of calories that are absorbed by the body. Our Tijuana bariatric surgery patients have a high rate of weight loss success. Other benefits of bariatric surgery include:

  • Better control over calorie intake
  • Reduced appetite makes it easier to control cravings
  • Faster weight loss results
  • Follow-up care and support from a certified nutritionist to support long-term success

While bariatric surgery has proven to be a successful weight loss technique, any surgical procedure carries a degree of risk. Potential drawbacks of bariatric surgery include:

  • Small risk of surgical complications, including blood clots or infection
  • Cost of treatment
  • Time needed for surgical recovery

Which Is Right for Me?

When someone is trying to lose weight it is a good idea for them to increase physical activity and make changes to their diet. For those who are in good health with only a limited amount of weight to lose, diet and exercise alone may allow them to achieve their goals. If weight loss results are limited, if physical activity is difficult due to excess weight, or if someone is classified as suffering from high-risk obesity (a BMI of 40 or above), then it is probably time to consider bariatric surgery. A consultation with our Tijuana surgeons can help people determine whether they are ideal candidates for weight loss surgery.

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