An Examination of Revision Bariatric Surgery After Weight Regain By Gaston Tessada on January 16, 2022

Women viewing body in mirrorBariatric surgery is intended to produce long-lasting for patients who have struggled with obesity. However, many patients who undergo the procedure still struggle with regaining weight. Although the surgery has generally successful results, revision bariatric surgery after weight regain is sometimes needed to keep weight down for good.

For those who regain weight post-procedure, bariatric surgery revision after weight regain works to correct or improve the original surgery to prevent unwanted weight from returning

Serving bariatric patients for over 25 years, the team of licensed medical professionals at Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico is ready to assist you with all of your bariatric needs as you embark on your journey to a healthier, slimmer you.

What Does Revision Bariatric Surgery Do?

Unlike the original procedure, revision bariatric surgery after weight regain is a surgical procedure that involves different techniques to accelerate your weight loss process and put you back on the right track for a thinner body.

Bariatric Surgery Revision Techniques

Revision procedures are performed to adjust or alter the initial bariatric procedure.

If patients underwent a gastric banding procedure such as LAP-BAND®, we may be able to achieve more weight loss if our doctors adjust the band; this is a minimally invasive option. However, it may not produce the dramatic results many patients are seeking. In this case, the patient can undergo a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

If patients underwent the gastric sleeve procedure, our doctors can further reduce the size of the stomach with a sleeve revision. Or, we may recommend converting to gastric bypass or a duodenal switch.

If patients underwent a gastric bypass, our doctors can reduce the size of the stomach again or convert to the duodenal switch approach.

Patients that underwent a mini gastric bypass can undergo surgery to convert to a full gastric bypass or duodenal switch.

Benefits of Revision Bariatric Surgery

Revision bariatric surgery provides immediate results and offers long-lasting effects.

Immediate Results

Once the procedure is over, your stomach will not be able to handle as much food at one time and your appetite may be reduced. This can promote faster weight loss when patients follow all of our instructions after surgery.

Lasting Effects

Revision bariatric surgery offers patients a second chance at achieving a healthier body after weight regain. This provides them with the opportunity to see the medical results of the surgery, and to change their lifestyle choices as well, such as their regular diet, so that the results of the revision last longer.

Is Revision Bariatric Surgery Right For Me? 

When considering whether or not revision bariatric surgery is right for you, it’s important to identify the underlying reason behind the weight regain. Was something done incorrectly in the original procedure? Or, were lifestyle choices, such as unhealthy eating, the primary reason that the weight returned? Speak to a medical professional about the specifics of your situation before deciding if revision surgery is the best option to guide you through your wellness journey. 

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