What Is Revisional Bariatric Surgery? By Gaston Tessada on April 04, 2022

An illustration of a stomach with a Lap-Band after bariatric surgery revisionBariatric surgery helps patients living with morbid obesity shed excess body mass. As a result, these patients significantly improve their health and quality of life. But, some patients aren’t always able to meet their goal weight following bariatric surgery. In these cases, revision weight-loss surgery may be necessary to continue their weight loss journey.

At Oasis of Hope Bariatrics, our caring team provides bariatrics surgery revision for qualified patients in Tijuana, Mexico. This procedure allows us to modify the original procedure for improved results. Here, our bariatric surgeons will explain what revision bariatric surgery is, discuss patient candidacy, and overview the process. With this information, you’ll be able to determine if you might benefit from this corrective procedure.

Revisional Bariatric Surgery Explained

In general, bariatric surgery is an extremely effective method to combat obesity and achieve a healthier weight. However, 15%-35% of patients fail to reach their goal weight following bariatric surgery. In fact, some patients may regain some of the weight they previously lost.

It’s normal for patients to notice their weight loss slowing down or plateauing after several months, but it’s not ideal for patients to reach a plateau prematurely. And it’s certainly not ideal for patients to regain weight after weeks or months of dedicated weight-loss efforts.

Luckily, our Tijuana bariatric surgeons are uniquely trained to make revisions to the initial procedure for improved and extended results. Simply by making minor adjustments, we can help get you back on track again.

Am I a Good Candidate for Revisional Surgery?

In general, most patients are suitable candidates for revisional bariatric surgery. However, revisional bariatric surgery is absolutely necessary for some patients, including:

  • Patients whose Lap-Band® slips
  • Patients who are experiencing ineffective weight loss
  • Patients who have gained back most of the weight they lost
  • Patients whose stomachs have stretched
  • Patients who develop complications, like acid reflux, stomach bleeding, or hernias

Our team will help you get to the root of your unsuccessful weight-loss endeavors. If we believe that revisional bariatric surgery is necessary, then we will schedule your procedure as quickly as possible.

What Can I Expect From Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

The process for revisional bariatric surgery begins by assessing your overall health and bariatric device. A thorough exam will help us locate issues and gather pertinent information, which we can use to strategize your treatment plan.

Typically, revisional bariatric surgery will take one of three courses:

  • Correction
  • Conversion
  • Reversal

Our team always strives to correct an unsuccessful bariatric procedure. However, some patients may benefit more from changing an existing surgery into a different bariatric procedure. In extreme cases, a complete reversal may be necessary to address certain medical complications. Nonetheless, our team will help you make the best choice for you.

Schedule Your Revisional Surgery Consultation Today

If your weight loss endeavors have come to a standstill following bariatric surgery, then it’s time to talk to the surgeons at Oasis of Hope Bariatrics. To discuss revisional bariatric surgery and verify your candidacy, request a consultation online or call us directly at (619) 690-8417.

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