Gastric Sleeve and the Reduction of Ghrelin, a Hunger Hormone By Gaston Tessada on June 24, 2023

A patient discussing a procedure with a doctorAre you having trouble losing weight because of your appetite? Ghrelin levels are often higher in people who are trying to lose weight, making it challenging to maintain results.

Gastric sleeve surgery (VSG surgery) not only reduces the amount of food you can consume at one time, but it also lowers your appetite by lowering the amount of ghrelin present in your body.

Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, offers a range of bariatric procedures, including the gastric sleeve procedure. Here’s what you need to know about gastric sleeve and the reduction of ghrelin, a hunger hormone.

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss surgery in which 75 to 85% of the stomach is removed to reduce the amount of food you can consume. The procedure is referred to as a gastric sleeve because it gives the stomach the appearance of a sleeve.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular procedure as it helps many patients achieve healthy, consistent weight loss. Patients often lose about 60% or more of their excess weight in just two years, making the results of this surgery truly transformative.

What Is Ghrelin?

Ghrelin is a hormone that is produced by the gastric fundus. This hormone drives you to eat, so the higher your ghrelin, the hungrier you become. While there are nonsurgical ways of lowering the amount of ghrelin present in your body, like eating whole grains and protein, gastric sleeve surgery is another method.

How Gastric Sleeve Surgery Reduces Your Appetite

Gastric sleeve surgery removes about 75 to 85% of your stomach, including the part of the stomach that contains the gastric fundus. By removing this part of the stomach, you significantly reduce the amount of ghrelin your body produces, lowering your appetite.

It’s important to note that while the gastric fundus is the main source of ghrelin in your body, it is not the only source. Your small intestine, pancreas, and brain also produce small amounts of ghrelin, so you'll still be able to feel hungry and have that drive to eat when necessary. You’ll just feel less inclined to snack and overeat.

Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

We understand that bariatric surgery can be expensive, but our Tijuana office serving the United States, Canada, and beyond offers bariatric surgery at unbeatable prices. If the price of gastric sleeve surgery in your home country has turned you off of the procedure, we invite you to explore our packages. Right now, gastric sleeve surgery costs as low as $4,299 and includes:

  • A three-night hospital stay
  • Transportation
  • Pre-op lab
  • EKG and X-rays
  • Physician and hospital fees
  • Nutritional consultation

Curb Your Appetite - Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to control your appetite, our doctors want to hear from you. After a consultation that determines if gastric sleeve surgery would be the correct bariatric procedure for you, you can schedule your procedure and be one step closer to achieving a slimmer figure and a healthier life. Reach out to our practice today to get started.

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