Bariatric Surgery and Mental Health: What Patients Should Know By Gaston Tessada on March 24, 2024

smiling coupleBariatric surgery patients often seek the procedure primarily for its physical advantages, as it paves the way for weight loss, enhances their overall physical well-being, and enables a more active lifestyle. Meanwhile, the potential positive impact on mental health is sometimes overlooked. Does bariatric surgery have the potential to enhance your mental well-being, and should patients be mindful of mental health considerations during recovery? 

At Vision Bariatrics in TijuanaMexico, we answer these questions about mental health and bariatric surgery to ensure our weight loss surgery patients are well-informed about the surgery's effects on both their physical and mental health. 

Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental Wellness

Studies have found a link between obesity and depression, as well as a modest connection between obesity and other mental health disorders, such as anxiety. Patients may find their mental well-being improves when they start following a balanced nutrition and exercise regimen post-operation. 

To ensure you have the tools necessary to incorporate a nutritious diet and exercise routine into your daily life, we have a certified nutritionist on staff at Vision Bariatrics. Our nutritionist, Rosa Contreras, offers personalized counseling sessions and designs a sustainable nutrition plan to support your lifelong health.

How to Mentally Prepare for Surgery

There are steps you’ll be asked to take to prepare physically for your bariatric surgery, but steps taken to protect and prepare your mental health may fall under your radar. Consider incorporating the following to prepare your mind for the transformative effects of bariatric surgery:

  1. Preparatory Psychological Evaluation - Consider a psychological evaluation as well as a physical evaluation prior to your surgery. A mental health professional can ensure you’re mentally ready for the lifestyle changes that come with bariatric surgery. 
  2. Set Realistic Expectations - Patients can only receive the results they desire from bariatric surgery if they’re committed to a nutritious and active lifestyle post-operation. Prepare yourself for the challenges that may come with achieving better health and set realistic goals for your post-op timeline.  
  3. Reach Out to Our Team - During your recovery, you'll receive support from our Tijuana medical team, who are here to help you access the essential care for any physical or mental challenges you may face during your recovery.   

Your Support System Includes Our Team

It’s important to create a support system for yourself to rely on before and after undergoing weight loss surgery. Whether you find this support in the form of an online group of patients who have been in your shoes or through extra time spent with family and friends, make sure you have a support system in place.

This support system will be essential for coping with any mental and physical challenges, as well as embracing the overwhelming benefits that can result from bariatric surgery. Achieve your health goals and request a consultation today

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